Curating: A working method for DH

We’ll structure our co-operative work in curating around a pattern I’ve repurposed from Steven Downes.

Curation means making arguments through words, images, sounds, and objects, and presenting them for public consideration and response.

Aggregate – Gather: Read, view, play with, and read anything else that comes in. Get the materials in order. Find places for them on your weblog or wiki, bookmark them, link to them, place them on your desktop – whatever you do when you gather materials together to work with them.

Annotate – Do something to the materials. Comment on readings or videos, tweet about them, annotate and tag them. Create a diagram or map opening up the ideas, post a slide show or presentation on prezi.

Discuss – After individual collections, we’ll talk to consider what to select and sequence.

Select – Don’t use everything. But don’t throw anything out, either.  Select those that create a path, and, in sequencing, define alternative paths or trails.

Sequencing – Presenting a sequence in a blog post is an option, but so are creating a video, comic, collage, digram or concept map, research project, survey … whatever. Make the materials you have aggregated and remixed the center of your creation, “the bricks and mortar you … use to compose your own thoughts and understanding of the material” (Downes). This is repurposing.

Publish – Make your work public. This will happen as you work because you’re posting to your blog what you’re working on as you work. If you have your blog set with an RSS feed, you’re sharing. When you tweet a link to your post, you’re sharing.

Reflect – Look at what you’ve done and consider what that doing means, for you, for now. This might be a blog post, video, audio … For reflection, you repurpose your own work. You do something with the materials you have created. In DH, we can reflect by way of discussion on our collective work.


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