A period of great transition

Image eh?

We currently have our Digital Immigrants teaching our Digital Natives in the classroom. These two groups see the world differently and learn in very different ways. The examples of this are endless, but a good example is the modern teacher’s tendency to turn his/her back to the classroom and write on a whiteboard. Studies have proven that as soon as this is done, you have lost a high percentage of the classroom (somewhere around half). However, if conversely a SmartBoard and projector system is in use, the number of students paying attention and learning goes way up. And furthermore, linked in Ipads with interactive features.

  • This is known as the communication gap.The teachers didn’t grow up with Ipads and are usually behind the curve in learning about them, while the students easily pick up new technologies. The teachers and the learners are not on the same page and we need to focus on lessening this gap.

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