The “Enhanced” Book

The Original Scroll

The Original Scroll

Bolstered by the commercial success of mobile tablets, smartphones, and e-readers, “enhanced” books are now becoming the publishers’ medium of choice and experimentation.

The “enhanced” book offers publishers the following…
• A new market to increase revenue.
• Creative options to distinguish their products from the competitors.
• Less of a reliance on bookstores to store their wares.
• A way to break the Amazon gridlock.

The “enhanced” book offers the reader a whole new reading experience as well. For an example the author writes about the enhanced version of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, which allows the reader to access “pop-ups” that show snapshots of the writer, characters, the original typed text, scenes (and a map) of the countryside that they traveled through, and a video of a 1959 interview with the author.

I believe that this is an awesome new frontier for literature. Since the dawn of internet for the masses, I have read with a book in one hand and a computer in arms reach if the book was interesting to me. I can only imagine reading On the Road for the first time with this technology. To actually see whom Kerouac was talking about (without the use of his character cipher and an educated guess), a map locating where they were on their journey (with snapshots), and to hear and see the author talk about the book himself, would have been a memorable experience to say the least.


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