The Primal Chart

The Primal Chart

In this image we see sailors that are more than likely considered “digital natives” yet they are slaves to the primal chart before them, or are they? Is this the United States Navy’s way of transitioning from the primal chart of the digital immigrant to the electronic age of the digital native? Is one currently the primary manner by which the ship navigates, and the other simply a means of confirmation?

I suggest the ship in navigated hand in hand by both the primal and digital manners of navigation. Especially being that a Navy ship is a wartime platform and they must be able to fall back on the manual way of navigating should their electronics suddenly become inoperative.


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  1. In the movie the Lone Survivor, the Navy Seal’s communication radio was damaged by enemy fire and communication back to base camp was by personal cell phone. It’s less a choice between books (paper and ink) or nooks (digital) – it’s what works best at the moment. – tm.

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