for Tues 25 Feb – Thurs 27 Feb

We started with social media but our discussion has moved us towards social media and knowledge: knowledge as an institution and knowledge as a discussion.

For next Tuesday, a short article, a 60min video lecture, and a pamphlet.

From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able, Michael Wesch

In continuing the discussion on Wikipedia and getting that kind of knowledge into the academy: What’s working against digital humanists?

One of the significant changes involves one of the practices humanists engage in: classifying stuff. It isn’t just Wikipedia that’s uprooting knowledge but tags.

Weinberger, Lecture on Too Big to Know. 60 minutes, but stay with it. Knowledge is what knowledge is when the medium is paper. If the medium is digital, then what knowledge is changes. Knowledge takes on properties of the medium. Linked difference, messiness, inclusive. The social starts to appear on the net.

▶ Authors at Google: David Weinberger – YouTube

And a brief intro to social bookmarking, where Weinberger’s messiness comes from: tagging. Bookmarking sites is the academic activity (See Pinboard Recents), but Pinterest, Tumblr and other sites make use of social categorization and ontology.

7 things about social bookmarking

Optional: Shirky goes headlong into a consideration of what knowledge is with a longish work on ontology:

Shirky: Ontology is Overrated — Categories, Links, and Tags


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