For Thu 27 Feb – Thu 6 Mar: Crowdsourcing the Humanities

Sir James Murray – Crowdsourcing the OED


As is typical for an emerging area, this effort has appeared under many names, including peer production, user-powered systems, user-generated content, collaborative systems, community systems, social systems, social search, social media, collective intelligence, wikinomics, crowd wisdom, smart mobs, mass collaboration, and human computation. The topic has been discussed extensively in books, popular press, and academia. Crowdsourcing Systems on the World-Wide Web | April 2011 | Communications of the ACM

Video time in class: ▶ Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Explained – YouTube. Navigation and the OED. Happy happy joy joy. Labor, solutions, finding info, gathering ideas.

For Tue 4 Mar

Wired 14.06: The Rise of Crowdsourcing

Below this point: We’ll review these and choose

James Surowiecki: The power and the danger of online crowds | Video on

Crowdsourcing: A Million Heads is Better than One – ReadWrite

Towards a characterization of crowdsourcing practices –

How Reddit Became A Hub Of The Crowdsourced Boston Marathon Bombing Investigation

The “Dumbness of Crowds”  Some limits of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing — Digital Humanities Network

More than a business model: crowd-sourcing and impact in the humanities | Impact of Social Sciences

Stanford humanities scholars harness the power of crowdsourcing

AHRC Crowd Sourcing Study » A project of the AHRC’s Connected Communities Programme

Update: Debates in the Digital Humanities, one of the texts I use in this course, is now online as free and open, with crowdsourcing capabilities. The web app looks similar to the enhanced books we were looking at a couple of weeks ago.


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