Week of 31 Mar 2014

We’ll wrap up this stage of the crowdsourcing project this week by making the last few moves –

  • polishing the descriptions of the project at twitter and on the blog
  • prompting others to follow @springinbemidji by announcing
  • collaboratively drafting a short report

The document we’re working on is here. If we can wrap this up by Thursday, we can start Digital Aesthetics that day.

Update: For the Weekend of 4 Apr 2014

  • help out with the draft report here.
  • try favoriting as @springinbemidji. search for the # and favorite. post as self using the # and then favoriting … Try to push the mechanism to its limits.
  • check the page and blog regularly to see if things are working.
  • start mentioning the project in tweets, on FB, and f2f.




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